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Through Ethical Human Design, I help you create a fulfilling life so that you can change the world with lightness and integrity.
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For more than three years, I have been trying to develop a holistic vision of entrepreneurship, taking into account all the dimensions of my life, ecofeminist principles and spirituality.

My intention is to help entrepreneurs tap into their inner magic to build an impactful, serene and ecological life, thanks to Human Design and holistic coaching.

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I help you create and thrive through a sustainable business for you and for the world using Human Design

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Mixing holistic coaching and ecofeminism principles, I help you in realising your professional and personal projects, so you can gain confidence, lightness and joy.


Hi ! I'm Sarah , 6/2 Splenic Projector and I am your guide on this wonderful journey of discovering and recovering your true and unique self.

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