your solopreneur design

the 7 pillars to know to thrive as a solopreneur using Holistic Human Design

To discover your Holistic Human Design, you just have to enter your most accurate birth information (date, time and place of birth) in the calculator below and you will generate a unique Bodygraph: the graphic representation of your design.

If you have already made your bodygraph on other websites, you will probably be surprised by the vocabulary.

That's because I decided to create my own lexicon, to convey an ethical and ecofeminist vision of Human Design (I put the official words in brackets (), so you won't be too lost).

Your real exploration starts now ! You have in your hands a powerful tool to discover yourself and create a life aligned to your unique functioning and needs.

To guide you in this magical adventure, I have created Insights : a 1:1 guidance to help you apply your Human Design specifics into your daily life with ease and joy.