Hi I'm Sarah, Holistic Business Coach and Human Design analyst

What if I told you that your are unique and you have what it takes to follow your most wild dreams ?

Yeah, I was sceptic too years ago —and let's be real it's still the case sometimes— but then I discovered wonderful tools and people that helped me on my journey towards my inner magic and my most true self.

It's not always a smooth path, but it's amazing to walk it.

And I want that for you too.

I help you embrace your uniqueness with human design

This amazing system allows me to guide you and co-create with you tools that are tailored to your specific and unique needs. Human Design is your very own blueprint, a direct perspective on what you are and what you can become.

I also use Holistic Life Coaching skills, Energetic Aromatherapy and Positive Intelligence tools to guide you along this path towards yourself. We will fend fears and limiting beliefs and uncover/recover your powerful gifts.

I take to heart your wellbeing, by creating a safe space where you can be yourself, share what is present for you and be vulnerable. Your light and magic is needed !

ready to start your journey?

Online or in Scotland, there's a lot we can do together!

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My story

Let's be honest here. I haven't always been into coaching or Human Design. Like you —maybe— I have had several lives. For almost 5 years, I have tried to understand educational systems in several countries. First as an architect, then as a researcher and blogger and finally as a consultant.

In all of these experiences, I learned a lot about the world and met wonderful people. But it didn't feel right. I sensed that my true place was somewhere else. As if my life lacked meaning and purpose, clarity and alignment. So after a heartbreak, I started my journey inwards, discovering what I really want and who I really was. Needless to say that this path is infinite, but for it is the true gift.

During these transformational times, I was able to reconnect with my spiritual self, my holistic and creative self. I understood that I had the need for something a lot bigger, a larger perspective on the world to feel integrated. I needed to reconnect to my inner magic.

That's where I discovered the system that changed everything. I met Human Design.
And after several years of experiments and research, I knew it was something that I wanted to share with as much people as possible ! Nourished with other tools and visions, Human Design has been part of my daily life ever since. i always come back to it, to better understand myself, others and the world around me. I see a magic, a recipe to create a real difference in the world.

My values

Besides Human Design, I have a lot of other perspectives on the world we live in. My biggest wish is that we can all live together in peace, on this beautiful planet. In order to do that, we need —as a collective— to start write new stories.

My values guide all my decisions and are inherent to my business. I define myself as an ecofeminist and activist for the wellness of all living beings. That's why I teach about Holistic Business. I truly believe that Human Design can support ecofeminist principles.

Be assured that all the actions I take are guided by my intention to create a better life for everyone, one step at a time, and with love and joy.

where to find me?

You can email me at: sarah@sarahlei.com, or follow me on Instagram.

I am based in Glasgow, Scotland, and would love to meet with you if you happen to be around !

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