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Tailor-made holistic coaching to regain energy, time and confidence
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To be an entrepreneur, to create, to imagine, is to have many ideas per minute. It's a lot of testing and learning. And it is above all a lot of time and energy spent.

To be an entrepreneur is also to choose: to take a stand, to take one's place, to assume one's voice, one's path, to set one's limits, to live intentionally. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes the very idea of choosing blocks us.

Our little internal saboteurs kick in to prevent us from taking these risks: it's the unknown, the discomfort, the stretch. What if it's a failure? What if people are laughing? What if I realise that this is not what I want?

Through holistic coaching, I help you turn down the volume of your saboteurs and find the frequency of your inner wisdom, so that you can act with clarity and fluidity.

hello there, i'm sarah!

Since 2017, I have invested several thousand euros in personal and spiritual development. Programs, accompaniments, coaching, circles, masterminds... you name it.

While I am very happy with all the knowledge I have gained and all the discoveries I have made, I have realised that the most effective formula is 1:1 coaching.Since the end of 2018, I have been coached almost continuously.

All my coaches have given me a different approach and a different view on my life and my projects. Thanks to their support, I have developed the courage to : leave my permanent job, move to Glasgow, start my own business and reconnect with my creativity.

I'm not telling you all this to brag or to show off. It's not all good news every day: because life happens.

If I share all this with you, it's to tell you that what I propose in my coaching is what I have experienced, what I believe in.
Because I believe in all this, I want to help you believe in it too: believe in yourself, in your abilities and in your talents. Believe in your dreams... and find the courage to achieve them at your own pace!

What Inner Magic will do for you

During 3 to 6 sessions (1 hour, on Zoom or face to face in Glasgow), I open a space for you to meet and talk with yourself. Using Holistic Coaching and other tools, I help you to clarify your needs and desires to move towards your goals with lightness and enthusiasm.

Together, we will co-create a formula that suits you: the number of sessions, the format, the subject... everything is possible!

One thing that is certain is that I will be there to support you in this adventure, to give you confidence when the days are grey, to celebrate your achievements, to gently challenge you to encourage your blossoming.

inner magic is:

A safe and warm space

You regularly dedicate time for yourself, to welcome your emotions, your desires and your dreams.

Active and caring listening

Through my questions and intuition, I hold up a mirror to you so that you can meet your deepest ideas and desires.

A rhythm that respects your needs

I guide you in the choice of your rhythm and your format, to honour your precious time.

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your life after inner magic

Inner Magic is a transformative coaching. Together, we will travel to your essence, and shape tools and practices that will help you throughout your life.
What to expect at the end of our coaching:


You are able to better understand yourself and accept your natural functioning.


You are supported, listened to and surrounded during your journey.


You bring to light your fears and limiting beliefs in order to overcome them, in a safe and caring environment.


You have unique and precious tools to help and support you throughout your life.

you already have everything to thrive.
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they trusted me to guide them

Sarah is a very kind, understanding and wise coach. She helped me grow back my self confidence and my motivation in a really smooth way. During the sessions, her guidance allows to put things in perspective and to approach situations from a different point of view. She is solution driven and we built many strategies together to act on what I wanted to improve.
When I started working with Sarah, I was going through a burnout, feeling really down. After 4 months of her support, I feel empowered, self confident and happy with myself. I learnt to do things in my own way and to make choices with confidence.Thanks a lot Sarah for everything !

Chloé D

Sarah brings a natural calming energy that I need to finally make some solid decisions in my business.
Her coaching not only is gentle and empowering, but is also very solution-focused.
I can't stop working with her 😆

Anh H

Sarah helped me a lot understanding better who I am and what I have in me.
She is a trustworthy guide and she does it in a joyful and calm way, even though it's not always easy to go deep into oneself. Plus, she's a very nice person and I get along very well with her !
So I have to strongly recommend a coaching experience with her :)

Camille S

Working with Sarah was such a great experience. I came to her in a time when I was struggling with clarity and she seemed to see me and understand me even when I couldn't. She helped me work through my blockers in a very self-actualised way, never leading me but allowing me to build tools for myself. She took what felt very abstract and hard to manage and made it actionable. I got to see the effects of our work together after every session. It has made all the difference in how I go about my daily life and after just 4 sessions my sense of self and my re-alignment with myself are coming back into focus. I can't recommend her enough.

Lydia S

Sarah is a superb coach!I use this word sparingly but in this case I really do mean, SUPERB! She asks really simple, supportive, open questions which really facilitated my own growth. As we worked together she took time to provide notes and exercises that further enabled my own journey.
This additional support meant I also felt like I was getting more bang for my buck (more value from what she was offering) as I had assignments to work on outside of our session. I really liked this value-add to her coaching.Thank you Sarah... I am sure this isn't the end.

Ben D

I went into my coaching sessions with an open-mind and came away with some great practical tools and insights in how I can be more productive, yet kind to myself, as I work on and grow my business.
Thank you Sarah! x

Mhairi M

got some questions?

What is holistic coaching?

In a nutshell, holistic coaching is a global approach to coaching that takes into account all areas of your life: physical, psychological, social and spiritual. To find out more, you can look at why coaching can accelerate your transformation.

How is coaching different from therapy?

There are many ways to get support in your journey. Depending on your needs and plans, you can go for therapy, coaching or other spiritual practices. In simple terms, coaching is forward-looking, based on action and the realisation of your desires; therapy is more of a step in healing your past, to feel good in the present. Both are important in your transformation process. To learn more, I invite you to read the differences between coaching and therapy.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you can pay in instalments, depending on the formula you choose. We agree on the payments during the initial session or during the clarity call.

Is this for me?

Choosing your coach is a fundamental step in your transformation. Of course, there are hundreds of coaches, and all have a different vision and energy. To find your way around, I invite you to read this article: How to choose your coach.

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